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Monday, 2 September 2013

New location

Some people are finding that my blogs causing a problem with norton etc saying its leaving a virus or tracking cookie so I've created a new one here


It's a better format

Please stop by there and check it out

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Bit More detail to put you in the Picture

What I am…

I’m this Alpha Male (99.9% of the time) …

I’m probably the kind of man who no one would link to crossdressing…. Why?

Happily Married, Kids, Good job but stressful at times...I’ve Captained various sports teams (Rugby, Football, Cricket and Athletics)

I’m above average at everything, Academic and Intelligent with letters after my name which I don’t use as I think it looks naff… described as some reading my blog as Arrogant ok accepted that's male me.. There are other dimensions to me also in the buzz words added.. I can't help having a will and strive to be the best I can be.. 

I'm straight and very very loyal to my wife, family and friends.

My Wife Knows I Crossdress

I told my wife two years into our Marriage that I Crossdress with my "habit" returning after about 4 years of non crossdressing when dating her.

She's known that I occasionally (Once or twice per month) “Dress up as a Woman” since 2003 and her outlook is its just something her husband (me) does to unwind when stressed.

She sometimes says to me you need to work from home and unwind.

She doesn’t understand it and “Neither do I” but were working on it.

I feel a tremendous urge to give her assurance that this doesn't change me as a person it's just fun and some escapism harmless to our relationship and our secret.


A new Phrase I’ve just coined R&E …. A little Relaxation and Escapism J

What I’m Not

A quick and easy blog to dispel some incorrect assumptions generalised by the Media about Crossdressing related to myself….

-         I’m neither Gay nor a Bisexual... 

-         I don’t ever.. ever want to live as a Woman full time 

-         I don’t ever want Gender Reassignment Surgery

-         I wasn’t mollycoddled as a child or given dolls to play with – I had action men, Star Wars Toys, Footballs and Rugby balls to play with

-         I’m not a Pervert in any way what so ever 

I might add to this from time to time as people ask me if I’m this or that….

The Trans Spectrum

For anyone who’s new to this whole phenomenon of men dressing up as Women here’s a starting point and something to get your head around…

I believe from reading articles and books on Crossdressing and also from chatting to other Crossdressers and Wives and Girlfriends ‘on line’ that there is a “Trans Spectrum” for want of a better description…. “Reasons and motives why people Crossdress”, to “What Extent” and possibly even to Why”

Its no different from any other type of society in life really where people who are essentially the same, “differ” in some way or another.

This blogs about Crossdressing so I’ll type a little about the “Trans Spectrum” in the next few blogs to split it out and allow comment…

To make it easier to envisage, the “Trans Spectrum” could be a sliding scale East To West…. 


Before I carry on with the explanation of what I believe is the “Trans Spectrum”, the one thing Significant Others (Wives and Girlfriends) are worried about is their partners “Sexuality”…

I don’t personally believe, that the ‘Trans Spectrum’ is any different from the “Non-Trans Spectrum” in terms of sexuality.

Eg In the “General Public Spectrum” out of 100 people the vast majority will be “Straight”, a percentage “Bi-Sexual” and some percentage “Gay”.

I would hope The same Percentages apply to people on the “Trans Spectrum”.

…So just because he/she likes to Crossdress it doesn’t mean you have to worry about his/her Sexuality.

My wife asked me if I was Gay the answer was No.. A difficult question to ask and to be asked.. You need an honest answer so its worth asking.

I chat on TvChix and although sexuality doesn't apply to me and why I crossdress a lot it seems do wander from the straight and narrow :(

The Trans Spectrum East à West

On the East Side the man who tries on his wifes lingerie for the first time.
Some men stop here at the first time and feel some sort of guilt for having done it.

Some men may try it again and once in a while slip into Lingerie.

Moving further West along the spectrum he may decide to try on some hosiery (Stockings / Tights) and further still high heels.

Further along the journey possibly wondering how a dress might feel and look on…

I suppose Most Crossdressers had this journey upto this point and as with each step West on the Trans Spectrum some stop here….

Along the Trans Spectrum and throughout Crossdressing is the “URGE” to Crossdress… This comes and goes .. for me with times of stress.

THE URGE is explained from my point of view in a future blog.

Trans Spectrum Revelation “Makeup”


A further step and a step which moves toward centre left of the spectrum.. we’re almost half way

This stage can be a kind of “Revelation”.. I’ll elaborate from experience…

I got to this step two years into marriage when my wife out of the blue asked me “Can I put makeup on you?”

I rejected it at first but a nagging thought ‘Does she know I crossdress? 

So I eventually said “Ok” and let her put full makup on me and then I said

“I might as well try on a dress look the part”

I left the room and came back in wearing Lingerie, stockings, high heels and a little black dress …

She said “Wow you look like a woman, your legs look amazing, you look good in that dress”….

I blurted out “Its not the first time I’ve tried this dress on….. I’ve Crossdressed since I was young”

Her face a picture...she hadn’t sussed I Crossdressed … she just wanted to see if her husband would let her put makeup on him

The Revelation moment I talked about at the start concerning Makeup – I looked quite passable as a woman fully dressed and made up (foundation, blusher, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick”

For me just dressing up moved onto also wearing makeup and trying to look convincing.

In this case my wife inadvertently gave me a push onto the next step across the Trans Spectrum.

Trans Spectrum “Are there others out there?”

I’ve added this here but this query may be anywhere along the Trans Spectrum.

Am I the only Tranny in the Village?

So we Google it… We read up on it, some of the web pages make us reflect on why we dress and we can disassociate with.

I came across a Website called “TVChix” which I tentatively joined and began chatting to other Crossdressers and also to some accepting Wives and Girlfriends… There are others out there

This suddenly becomes a reference for working out and beginning to understand why you Crossdress, and others Crossdress and the broad spectrum that is the Trans Spectrum exists.

I chose to share this site with my Wife as I didn’t want her stumbling across it or wonder what I was doing typing away.

There’s even a Forum to post a question and wait for relevant answers.


A good place to start for support and to chat to others.

The Trans Spectrum “A Name?”

In the part of the Trans Spectrum above the joining of a website such as TVChix requires an “alias”..

I don’t think of myself as someone else… I’m not a schizophrenic or anything its just a name OK! 

I chose the name for my profile on TVChix for anonymity and as a reference “Davina

Trans Spectrum “A Wig”

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone reading this that the revelation moment of makeup and looking passable as a woman would lead onto the purchase of a wig…

It’s like an automatic step to want to see how you could make yourself look that little bit more convincing and an obvious one out of curiosity to see just how convincing you could look.

The Middle of the Trans Spectrum (My Perception)

So here’s where I believe the Mid point of the Trans Specturm sits…. It’s where I am at the moment.

I’ve gone past the trying things on, the dress, the makeup revelation and the first wig…

Now if I can’t dress up fully, with makeup and a wig and look as passable as possible, then I don’t dress up.

The fact of the matter is my Crossdressing is now “Self-Limited” to when I get the opportunity to dress fully or not at all.

The Mid point – The Crossdresser who has to look the full package or doesn’t dress at all and enjoys the R&E – Relaxation and Escapism from the Alpha male life style and presented as a Woman.

From this point onwards I’m guessing the motivation and needs / urges so will roll it up into only three more blogs

Trans Spectrum “What Now?”

The next Step along to the right of centre is “Going out Dressed as a Woman”

t ranges from:

-         Going out in the car for a drive dressed up

-         Walking round the block dressed up

-         Walking in some deserted area dressed up

-         Getting More Daring going Shopping dressed up

-         Crossdressing venues dressed up (meeting others)

-         “Normal” venues dressed up

The Trans Spectrum “Living as a Woman”... "Becoming a woman?"

These are the next perceived steps

I know very little about this so welcome comments but some Crossdressers decide to live as a woman and some go even further. 

I have to end the trans spectrum here as I can't really comment, would upset someone at this stage.

How I told My Wife I Crossdress

Telling her was so hard, my heart was skipping a beat, I was sweating, my pulse racing, butterflies doing the rounds in my stomach but having been made up by her I felt I had to get it out in the open - Honesty is the best policy.

If she’d sussed that I Crossdressed which was the driver of her asking to put makeup on me in the first place I had to tell her the truth… Unlucky for me she hadn’t sussed that I was a Crossdresser and she just wanted to have some fun with her Alpha Male Husband seeing if she could get him to have makeup put on him for a laugh…..and the sweat turned to a Cold Sweat…

A quiet evening wanting to talk about it now it was out there but my Wife was in shock.

First she sees me fully made up (by herself), the first time I’d ever worn makeup and not only does she see me made up but in a dress, stockings and heels etc looking a little convincing then I tell her I’ve Crossdressed before… entitled to be in shock..

I often think back to that moment when I admitted I’d dressed before and thought “What If”…..What if I’d lied and didn’t tell her I’d dressed previously and that being dressed here now in front of her with her saying “WOW you look like a Woman” What if I’d said “I’ve never done this before … I kinda like it”

A white lie? ….. Deception!!

Make Crossdressing something she invented and “Got me Into”… Her Idea… Not my fault I liked it as She made me do it…..

Instead believing Honesty is the best policy, I told her the truth…. I’ve Crossdressed to some extent ALL my life….

Writing it ALL Down

I decided to write my Wife a letter which I then sat down with her and answered her questions as she read it. 

It upset her reading about my dressing but it opened up communication about it and allowed me to give her some assurances about what I'm not. We even laughed about it in parts which was better than tears.

If you can't talk about it write it down but be there to answer any questions asked and answer Honestly.

The First Arrangement

The first arrangement we came to was if I had the urge to crossdress I had to do it without my wife knowing when home alone leaving no evidence.

A compromise but felt like doing it behind her back still after plucking up the courage to tell her I crossdressed..

“If you have to do it … Please do it without me knowing… Please don’t leave any evidence that you’ve done it"

The next Arrangement

I’d began dressing up fully With makeup but wanted to see how I'd look with a wig.

I decided this was a bigger step so I told my wife I wanted to get a wig to see how convincing I'd look.

She surprised me a week later producing a gift bag containing a long straight blonde wig and some lingerie, makeup and wipes and some clothing of hers she was giving up to charity.

She still didn’t want to see me dressed or have any evidence left but It was a step of further acceptance. :)

Why do i Crossdress??

Who knows? There are probably many reasons why I’m centre of my perceived Trans Spectrum.

A quick list

-         Stress relief, from work and my male life

-         Relaxation, its relaxing I don't know why

-         Escapism from my male life for a brief period of time

-         Its fun, getting transformed 

-         It’s a turn on, I feel sexy transformed where I don't feel sexy as a man

-         The feel of wearing lingerie and Womens things, its nicer than men's things

-         Makes up for my wife not wearing sexy lingerie to an extent I suppose I substitute

-         Trying to look convincing, its fun to try to look real

Doing something out of the norm for male me- that’s why??

Whats the URGE??

There’s a definite URGE to wanting to Crossdress.. it becomes a hobby even or a habit which some Crossdressers try to stop… go cold turkey… give up …. But the URGE returns and you can’t help yourself but dress up the next opportunity you get.

Its hard to explain but an example might be Chocolate.. Sometimes you get an URGE to have a bar of Chocolate… You eat it and the URGE disappears (unless you’re greedy) and then you don’t fancy Chocolate for a few weeks.

Crossdressing is the same for many get the URGE to dress up and once done it and returned to male attire the need to Crossdress dissipates until the URGE returns for some R&E.

BOOK – “My Husband Wears My Clothes”

For those worrying about the fact you Crossdress or worrying about your other half or if you are a wife or girlfriend of someone who Crossdresses and you are struggling to get your head round it I recommend a book "My Husband Wears My Clothes"

It's a book written by the wife of a Crossdresser.. I read it cover to cover in a few hours and it covered a lot of my questions of myself and questions my wife has about Crossdressing. 


Wifes Brave Walk Upstairs – The Next level of acceptance

 I sometimes work from home and dress up. It's my only real opportunity.

I was dressed at home using our bedroom as an office.

I’d told my wife that I was dressed as she was coming home for lunch so I told her I’d stay out of her way upstairs.

To cut a long story short she brought me a cup of tea..

Face to face with my wife for the first time crossdressed

we’d both faced some fears… me meeting her dressed up made up wig n all for the first time and her seeing her husband Crossdressed in the flesh..

It wasn't as shocking for her as she expected and she even told me my wig was naff and I needed a better one :) that evening she helped me pick out a new one :)

I suppose if you're a partner this is a make or break point as you might be horrified in seeing your man as a woman or you may discover like my wife did that its not as bad as she'd thought.

See Karen Adlers book something to confess as what took us years to do in coming face to face Karen decided to do within days of finding out her husband crossdressed.

The Girls Night In

In may 2012 we had a girls night in.

wine chickflicks and lipstick.

it was a nice evening it didn't seem too weird and i stopped shaking after the 2nd glass of wine.

we talked a lot and missed most of the film mainly about how I did my makeup and she asked me to give her a makeover which was fab.

what i got out of it was a nice night with my wife dressed up what she got was realisation its still me in fancy dress.

We went to bed as husband and wife.

It set our current acceptance level where seeing me dressed isn't an issue for my wife and I think I can stop the reassurance i feel i owe her and some of the guilt I feel for crossdressing ...

BOOK – Something to Confess by Karen Adler

Another book worth reading, written by a Fab and accepting open minded woman.

Karen went through a whirlwind of emotion and tackled her Crossdressing husband head on.
Check it out on Amazon – well worth a read :)

What is a Crossdresser??

A person who likes to wear the clothes of the opposite sex (Basically).

Many people will think.... 'Crossdressing for sexual pleasure', 

some cross-dressers just feel comfortable – rather than aroused when they put on clothing deemed by society as belonging to opposite sex.

Crossdressing can range from trying on items of clothes to getting fully made up in make up and a wig and fully dressed up in underware and a dress hosiery and high heels.

Some people who Crossdress do not like the term ‘Transvestite’ or “Tranny”, preferring to describe themselves as ‘Cross-dressers’ and recently “T-Girls”.

The Internet claims that the incidence of Crossdressing in men is now about 1 in 100 on some research sites.

There’s not really any way to establish if this is correct as there are many levels of acceptance in the Crossdresser himself and a lot tend to remain to coin a frame "In the closet" hidden away and secret as they don’t want to be stereotyped by societies rules on gender

Who is most likely to cross-dress?

Some women dress up as men (This can be done fairly openly), but it's overwhelmingly men who like to dress as women.

People from all walks in society Crossdress, however, I’ve found a lot of people to be intelligent with a good sense of humour.

I don't think I can bracket a stereotype person who is more likely to be a crossdresser as the  spectrum is too far and wide.

So reading all this….Why do men cross-dress?

No one really knows. 

No matter what you read on the internet, reasons are vast.

A dress is a garment worn by Women as Society deems that a dress belongs to a woman not a man and lipstick is a Womans not a man and jeans belong to men not women?

Reading on the Net Psychologists have apparently decided Crossdressing comes within the normal range of male behaviour.

Some make a living as a “Drag Queen” on stage.

Others like Lilly Savage and  Eddie Izzard help to bring Crossdressing into the mainstream.....

Everyone likes Eddie Izzard  ….if only more celebs would come out of the closet I think we'd be surprised but wouldn't it help society realise Crossdressings not some weird fetish or perverted behaviour?

What we do know is there are lots of men Crossdressing in the UK and across the globe… no one can put a firm answer to why……

Telling other people

Should a Crossdresser reveal to his friends, family that he is a crossdresser?

A lot of thought and stress can be generated deciding on what’s best to do and it must be handled and approached carefully as sad to say its ended some relationships.

Many feel frustrated that they have to keep this part of their life a secret....

Telling someone is so difficult.

At first I could not bring myself to tell my wife that I was a crossdresser for fear of upsetting or even loosing her from what I'd read on the subject

If you decide to tell someone:

Write down what you want to say..have some backup info at hand… try to second guess what they might ask or want to know… maybe test the water first

Results of Telling someone

Some are relieved that their fears were misplaced and their Wives of Girlfriends enter into the spirit of the whole thing and actually help

But beware…. Test the waters with a program on TV …. or an article in a magazine or newspaper to find out others thoughts on Crossdressing before your wade in and tell people you're a crossdresser.

Most women are brought up in a way that conditions them to be traditional "Men don’t wear dresses, Women do" some think this to such an extent that relationships have ended due to crossdressing.

Emotional needs of men?

We’re conditioned not to show emotions… perhaps we Crossdress for the emotional release as much as stress relief…. Let our barriers down in private and in a dress?

Brought up to be boys who don't cry told to be strong and brave.. We hide emotions through not wanting to let our fathers down and to become the hunter gatherer protector like our fathers.

But we do feel emotion we can show female traits of emotion and caring but conditioning program's us to hide it and show a hard face to it..


What many wives will think of course is that for many men crossdressing is an intensely sexual activity.

For many it is a turn on although some men grow out of it and merely enjoy crossdressing.

There isnt really correlation between crossdressing and Sex as men think about sex every 6 secconds anyway so nothing unusual.

Sexual Frustration?

Some men turn to crossdressing as part of a release from “Sexual Frustration”

Most relationships get to this stage at some point and you question yourself and it really plays tricks with your mind if your other half suddenly “goes off sex”

-         Is there something wrong with me?

-         Doesn’t she fancy me any more?

-         Is she getting it elsewhere?

-         Is it the crossdressing?

Women seem to have less of a sex drive than men and can loose their sex drive altogether mainly through contentment I can only surmise?

Some may crossdress as a sexual frustration release. 

Women prefer comfort to sexy clothing?

It's true isn't it women opt more for comfort than a sexy look.

Hard for us men to accept and get our heads round.. To a man why wouldn't a woman want to look sexy all the time? Even more so for a crossdresser who loves trying to look like a sexy woman.

Most men have a thing for stockings and sexy lingerie and wish their wives would surprise them wearing something sexy..

Maybe crossdressing makes up for this?

Discretion for your wife or Girlfriends sake

Even though my wife knows I dress im still discrete about dressing and don’t rub it in her face 

Given an inch we’ll want to take a mile, but pull in the reigns on yourself and take things slow…

Its still a hard thing for a wife or girlfriend to accept especially as acceptance boundaries are pushed

Definition and Lables

Search the internet…. You’ll find definitions of Crossdressing, Transvestism Transexualism etc but they still don’t explain “Why men Crossdress” and don’t cover all men who Crossdress to different degrees.

Transvestite - A person who Crossdresses. Ie Anyone who wears clothing that is usually associated with the opposite sex could be called a transvestite.

The word comes from Latin “Trans” = across, and “Vesta” = clothing so it really means Crossdressing.

Also, do women consider themselves a Transvestite when wearing what is deemed as masculine clothing? The answer is No

The word Transvestite seems to stir a negative connotation in peoples minds when someone is described as a Transvestite or a “Tranny”.

Crossdressing describes the actions more clearly to the Latin and according to society views on one form of clothing and look belonging to a man and another to a woman.

I think T-Girl, a more modern word covers others who not only “Crossdress” but put on makeup and a Wig and try to look convincing as a woman?

A Femmophile

A synonym I’ve recently come across in reading is “Femmophile” 

It describes a form of behavior and personality expression characterized by a desire to wear the clothing of the opposite gender and to attempt to look like someone of the opposite gender for the “love and attraction” of that gender.

The love of the Feminine or a love of Women and can be applied to persons whose interest is solely in the feminine gender role.

Crossdressing Marriage

Being open, honest and understanding a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend who both come to terms with Crossdressing will add dimensions to their relationship that are unique providing an additional close bond of a deep secret shared.

There is something else that can be shared…….the wardrobe, makeup, lingerie, hosiery and if you’re lucky shoes and even “girl talk”. (things you wouldn’t usually talk to eachother about as husband and wife)

Worth reinstating that communication is the key and you also have to understand your Wifes feelings and help her in coming to terms with you as a Crossdresser.

You also have to understand any undermining and underpinning insecurities she may have about herself as woman which Crossdressing isn't helping.

BOOK:- A Love Less Ordinary

Check out a book written by “Laura Newman” who is a girlfriend / significant other of a T-Girl Nicci..

It’s a true story of partnership with someone who is transgender, and realising what a healthy relationship can and should be.

If transgender people can find the strength to be open with the world about who they are, considering all the challenges this presents, can’t we all find the courage to be honest with the world about who we really are?

The heart and essence of this book is about more than being the partner of someone who is transgender.

It’s about learning to be true to yourself.

To love yourself and live the life that you want.

Heres the link on amazon


Most Crossdressers like myself have “Guilt” if thats the right word from a young age and have never been able to free themselves from their Crossdressing Urges, desires or thoughts. Society makes us feel guilty but theres no harm in it…

Some Crossdressers I chat to have thought about a form of Professional counselling…. I don’t feel I need counselling but would if my wife thought it was a good idea.

Even if wives acceptance ranges from a total embrace of Crossdressing or to a limited occasional activity… guilt for “putting them through our Crossdressing remains”


Some use Crossdressing as a tool to express fetish behaviour or the Crossdressing is their fetish.

Most fetish behaviour focuses on a specific aspect of clothing such as high heeled shoes, lingerie or stockings and suspenders ranging into BDSM which I have no experience with so won't go into it.. Feel free to comment


It comes hand in hand with Stress.

At times I’ve probably suffered with depression mainly due to work and sexual frustration and money worries. I won't admit to it to myself let alone others as it seems like a weakness which people would tell me is stupid.

Not a reason to Crossdress, it can be a catalyst.

Crossdressing can release endorphins that are shown to help battle depression and this is one of the reasons I Crossdress as I feel better during and after doing it.

These endorphins can become addictive, I believe Crossdressing can be an effective tool for self-medication.

It’s Fun

 If you're lucky as a couple you can find the fun in crossdressing.

Crossdressers who dress for fun in this way still relate strongly to their male role but just wish to express an aspect of feminine, or mimic women for a short time

Advantages of having a Crossdressing Husband

1. He envies you because you can wear whatever you want and sometimes he would rather be wearing what you're wearing!

2. He doesn't mind waiting while you take your time shopping.....

3. He will not only shop with you but pay the bill as well! “ Just remember a few little items for

him/her when you're shopping!!!!

4. You have even more excuses to go shopping, and he will even carry the bags....

5. You can double your wardrobe if he's the same size as you!...

6. He has an eye for fashion like Gok Wan and knows how to advise you and help you

accessorize, so you can ask him how an outfit looks, and get an intelligent response..

7. If he says "You look nice." you know he really means it....

8. If he says that dress is a bit clingy you know he's being nice and stopping you making a

fashion fauxpar....

9. He loves to go shopping with you and watch you try on clothes “ wishing he could try them on....

10. While shopping, you can test a new shade of nail polish and he'll find you a matching lipstick.

11. When shopping for perfume he will give you an honest opinion.

12. He is easy to buy gifts for “ just don't advise your mother to buy him a dress when she asks

what she can get him for his birthday....

13. He understands that the best thing a girl can have when she feels down is new clothes and

shoes and a relaxing evening watching a chick flick with a glass or 3 of wine....

14. If he buy's you clothes, you know he sizes them right.....

15. If you need an accessory for that new dress you bought and he happens to have the perfect

one, you can borrow it.

16. He can spot makeup smudges better than any other guy.....

17. He can give you a professional makeover for free and he'll enjoy doing it

18. You can test a new shades of makeup on him and see if he comes out in a rash...J

19. He understands the need for quality cosmetics.....as cheap stuff give you a rash see 18 above

20. You can borrow his jewelry, clothes & makeup....as long as he can borrow yours

21. You never have to worry about cheating on you with another woman. He IS the other


22. He'll rarely have that scratchy five o'clock shadow or wiry hairy chest....

23. If he wears a skirt it's easy access ...

24. He'll never ask you to have a threesome with another woman as long as he can wear the

lingerie in bed.....

25. He won't tear your lingerie when removing it from you, .....or from himself.

26. A man in a dress makes a good cook ..apparently

27. The toilet seat will always be down....its just polite isnt it

28. He knows just the right way to make love, takes his time and knows just what makes you tick!

29. You have a girlfriend who'll never get PMS or talk about you behind your back...

30. Satin, silk, lace and velvet feel nicer on him than denim and wool when cuddling

31. He understands why you go through so many pairs of stockings and tights....

32. He no longer expects you to get ready for a night on the town in 15 minutes or less....

33. His online t-girl friends don't spend all day watching football. Talking about football or Rugby

or cricket and are interesting to chat to

34. He knows to walk slow when you're wearing heels.....

35. He knows how to treat a lady with care, sensitivity and respect...

36. He's a "girl friend" that will stick around and won't flake out on you or stab you in the back.

37. He loves to dress up and spend time with you having long chat sessions and a glass of wine

whilst watching chick flicks.....

38. Dress him up in a French Maid's Uniform and you have a house cleaner .....any time you like.